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Port O’Connor, Texas (P.O.C. for short) is a small fishing village on the Texas Coast a little more than half-way between Houston and Corpus Christi. It is often known as the “Best Kept Secret on the Gulf Coast” for its relaxing, laid-back atmosphere, and numerous fishing and boating venues. [1] It is part of the Victoria, Texas Metropolitan Statistical Area.
The primary industry of Port O’Connor is sportfishing and tourism. It used to be known for commercial shrimping with direct access to Matagorda Bay, and only a few miles from the open Gulf of Mexico. The area is renowned for bay, off-shore and wade fishing, with redfish, trout, and flounder among the most common catches. Sports enthusiasts also come to Port O’Connor to hunt duck, geese and alligator.

Just off the shore of Port O’Connor lies one of the most pristine natural habitats:
Matagorda Island. Once an army air base, the island is now a National Preserve and home to a wide variety of endangered migratory birds. Visitors come from all over the country to observe these rare and beautiful species.

The weather in Port O’Connor is warm to hot in the summers, with winters cool to icy. Humidity is rather high, and the area has been host to hurricane landings several times within the past 100 years.